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Our Mission

Our mission is to appropriately address today’s problems for tomorrow’s solutions. We believe in practical and individualized recommendations for individuals and public school communities, while encouraging solution-based approaches for stronger results.

Our Services

Our services are offered on an individual, parental referral, and school district/county basis. The S-O-L-V-E process has been developed as Licensed To Solve's systematic approach for assisting clients with different social/emotional concerns. Our main focus is to assist our clients with plausible behavioral solutions. Schedule a confidential 30-minute complimentary consultation with a licensed professional and let us assist with your mental health and behavioral needs.


Are you an adolescent or adult experiencing difficulty managing your mood? Have you had a hard time concentrating or achieving daily functional tasks?

LTS can match you with a qualified therapist to assist with mental health concerns. Anxiety, depression, mood and emotional dysregulation, or trauma related symptoms are some of our specialized areas.

Through the techniques of behavioral, cognitive- behavior, family system, interpersonal, psychoanalytic, and solution focused therapies, our professionals are ready to assist you with problem-solving for a healthier emotional, psychological, and social well-being.


Licensed to Solve believes in empowering parents to recognize, comprehend, and appropriately respond to their child’s social-emotional needs. Are you concerned about your child’s resilience, problem-solving, coping ability and adaption?

Our Licensed School Psychologists and Licensed Professional Counselors are trained to structurally approach each child’s/adolescent’s unique social-emotional issues. Professionals provide structural interviews, educational records review, appropriate assessment, if necessary, and counseling treatment plans.

Services for School Districts/Counties

School districts/counties and officials are vital to the emotional and behavioral development of students.

Licensed To Solve (LTS) seeks to understand and solve the demands of all students, including those that require IEP development. With the increasing demand of mental and emotional support, LTS provides specialized training with the goal of providing structured problem-solving techniques for Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS).

LTS has successfully assisted school campuses in the Texas and Florida regions as well as coached and developed elementary, middle, and post-secondary school counselors for group counseling work. LTS utilizes social/emotional curriculums for TIER II and TIER III group counseling intervention: Bounceback, CBIT (Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools), Skillstreaming, and PREPARE. Furthermore, LTS employs school psychologists and professional counselors to meet the demands of standardized assessment and educational counseling in Florida, South Carolina, and Texas.

Chief Licensed Solver

Kawanza D. Dukes LPC, LSP, LSSP, LPES is a graduate from Florida A&M University with a Masters in School Psychology. As a fifteen-year licensed school psychologist in the states of Texas, Florida, and South Carolina, she is well-versed in standard special education services such as assessment, committee collaboration, and counseling. These results have concluded concise and manageable individualized educational plans for committees, including parents. In 2016, Ms. Dukes was moved to combine her passion and professional training to develop Licensed To Solve. After noticing an influx of special education referrals in public school, Ms. Dukes sought to continue work for the special needs population while working to provide services to at-risk students and the community at large. To solidify this invaluable vision, Ms. Dukes, sought the Licensed Professional Counselor credential. With a professional investment of over 3200 community training hours, she is sure to offer you and your family the best professional advice and/or match you with another licensed professional for practical solutions. Her professional career has been further enhanced by becoming a Disaster Mental Health Volunteer with the American Red Cross. In addition, she serves as the Lead Reconnection Facilitator for the Texas Gulf Coast Region. She is an approved facilitator for their Reconnection Workshops which support both active and retired military servicemen, women and their families. She volunteers across the United States to support our military families, especially children.